Sowing seeds. Spreading the Word. Reaping results.

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.  (Ephesians 3:20-21)


The good news of Jesus doesn’t spread because of the “paid professionals,” but instead because ordinary believers grasp the extraordinary message of God’s grace in their lives—and then tell other people. Amy has discovered a powerful and practical way for each of us to recognize the fingerprints of God’s work in our personal stories and then confidently share that same story. With both simplicity and clarity, she helps us understand that the most powerful tool God can use is our own stories. I hope churches everywhere will learn from Amy and use Timeline to marvel at how God has a plan for each of us and for every person we meet.

Dr. Steve Bezner | Senior Pastor, Houston Northwest Church
For more than a decade Amy Sheehan has graced my life. She teaches the spirit by building, rather than breaking and molding it in her image. She innately coaxes the seeds of greatness to bloom in each person who enters her realm, so that beauty springs forth and flourishes even in the most unlikely places and peoples. Her strength is borne of kindness for she knows who she is. Adversity has not hardened her, but instead has given her soul more depth. Amy is effective in whatever she does because she is that person you wish you were more like–and there is no better teacher than one who leads by example.
Janet McElligot | Co-Chair, The Royal Foundation to Rebuild Africa
In searching for the ways in which God has been with me in my life, I realize that so many people could save a lot of money, because this is like therapy. It’s allowing the Holy Spirit to be your counselor…and show you things in your life. You’re looking for what God did, instead of focusing on the drama involved, or how someone hurt you.

Terri | Nashville, TN
Since I did this Bible study, I’ve become more aware of God’s working in every aspect of my life. [Now] I look for opportunities to see how He’s working and what He’s doing…and [understand] that what happens in my life on a daily basis isn’t a mistake, because God has a divine purpose in it.

Wende | Franklin, TN
Everyone has a story, but not everyone knows how to tell it. Legacy Lives: The Timeline has equipped me to recall relevant moments from my memory to construct a video testimony of God’s plan for my life. It taught me to focus on the Master creator of my story, God, and allowed me to see Him in every aspect of my life. Change your spiritual awareness & seek God in everything you do.

Melissa | Tomball, Tx
Amy Sheehan is a female force of determination, a velvet glove, a true beauty. Gritty when life gets tough, fearless in a challenge, and tender in that perfect, pivotal moment. I’d known Amy for a few years, when I heard her speak at a women’s conference. The fresh, hot cup of coffee I was holding turned lukewarm then cold as I listened, laughed, then cried. I was inspired, challenged to make my life count for something greater…finally.
Kim Skeeters | Houston, Tx
The biggest thing [I learned] is when you look for God specifically in a situation and ask Him to reveal Himself, He will reveal Himself! I started out with so few ideas for stories, but as time went by, He has revealed more and more. When I hear other’s [stories] in the group, God reminds me of more stories of faithfulness in my own life.

Becky | Brentwood, TN
Amy’s passion for the Lord is obvious in every area of her life, and it certainly comes alive when she is telling stories of how He has directed her steps. Her stories will bring laughter and tears, but through them you’ll be reminded of God’s intricate handiwork in every detail of your own life for His greater purposes. If you have the chance to partner with her in ministry, you will be encouraged and blessed!
Casey Merrifield | Elk City, OK