1. Don’t let anybody make you think you are not smart enough. A smart person is the person who asks for help when they need it. ASK.
  2. If you don’t know how to do something, Google it. You can find a YouTube video for virtually anything. I wanted to see if an average person could use this hair product my hairdresser used on me. I’m an average person with an average head of hair and I can make a mess of it. I Googled it and watched salon professionals use this product. That doesn’t help me. I need to know that I can do it on my own head. When I found a regular gal who was in her bathroom mirror showing how to do this on herself…SOLD.
  3. Also if you don’t know how to do something electronic, ask an elementary school student. They aren’t too big to blow you off and they like to feel useful.
  4. If you are reading this blog post, you are older than somebody else who needs help. You haven’t always known how to do everything. Somebody taught you or you learned it on your own. SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE. That dish you fix that everyone raves about? SHARE THE RECIPE. But go beyond that. Offer to teach some people how you make it. They may only be up to boxed mac-n-cheese. You can help them learn how to make something from scratch and they’ll begin to gain confidence to try other things.
  5. Increase your reading. I cannot stress this enough. Go to the library. It’s FREE. Download free e-books. Taking time out to read helps your brain and your sanity.
  6. If there is something you want to learn and you can find a class, take it. I am contemplating taking a class and I’m scared to death. I need to face that fear. I have a head and it has a brain in it. I need to use it.
  7. Read the fine print. Don’t EVER sign anything you haven’t read. ‘Nuff said.
  8. Read the directions. You know those little booklets that seem to have meaningless stuff in it like “don’t use this hairdryer while sleeping”? Sometimes there is really helpful stuff in those and troubleshooting tips. Instead of calling the repairman FIRST, see what you can find out the quick and easy way. You might be the smartest person you know by fixing it yourself (or hitting the reset switch) before you PAY someone else to come to your house to hit the reset switch. J
  9. Weigh out your options when you are figuring out the cost, time, and effort. I could do a LOT of things if I had the time and energy for it. However, by the time I buy the supplies I don’t currently have, lose several days not working or doing other things that I can do without thinking and then have to pay someone else to do THAT part, and then pay a doctor bill for throwing my back out or having 3 weeks of a medication to treat the poison oak reaction….add it up FIRST. Sometimes, it’s just easier AND CHEAPER to have someone do it for you. Now that does not give you that feeling of having done it yourself but always weigh your options. Then it’s your choice. Prime example: the guy who takes care of my yard charges $20 to edge, mow, bag, and blow. Hubby is not dreading the weekend when he doesn’t have time to do it anyway. We do not have lawnmower maintenance, string trimmer maintenance, leaf blower maintenance, etc….LOVE the yard service. Worth every cent and every doctor visit we do not have for thrown backs or allergy attacks. Knock yourself out if that’s what you love to do. Not happenin’ at my house.
  10. Do not take what you know for granted. Remember to thank God every day that you can still think, learn, and use your brain. Then do something with it. Share it with others. There are lots of dying arts out there that need to be passed along. No matter what you can learn from YouTube or Google, it doesn’t take the place of a human relationship to go along with the learning process. THAT is priceless.