//Timeline-HD Video session downloads for Individual Use

Timeline-HD Video session downloads for Individual Use


The video teaching is essential for your study experience.  Please purchase the group use kit with permissions if using with a group in a church, home group, or gathering.

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Almighty God, the Creator of the universe and lover of our souls, relentlessly pursues us. He desires a relationship with us so much that He pursues us with dogged determination, showing us—in every turn of our journey—who He is and who He has promised to be in His Word.

This 8-session study is designed to:

• Help you recognize God in your everyday life.

• Teach you to document God’s interactions with you. Using the list Who the Bible Says God Is, capture the descriptions given in His Word and how He is showing that to you, personally.

• Help you tell these stories of His activity in an easy and natural way to other people, with God as the main character of the story.

Week One—Remembering is important to God

God admonishes His people many times in scripture “Do not forget” and He says repeatedly, “Remember… remember…remember.”   Remembering is definitely important to God. We must choose for it to be important to us.

Week Two—Worship includes remembering:  Who the Bible says that God is

The Bible is filled with names and descriptions of God that are recorded for us so that we can understand Him better, know Him better and recognize Him at work in our lives. Even though God inspired these to be documented thousands of years ago, He promises that He never changes. So, these things are still true about God. He is always with us and constantly working. He is active in all areas of our lives, even though we don’t always recognize Him. He desires that we know Him and recognize Him at work—in, around and through us. How can we give Him the praise and worship due His name, if we do not recognize Him? We were created to worship Him. So, what is worship anyway?

Week Three—Redemption:  What does it look like?

Just like the Israelites, you were once slaves (to sin) and were redeemed (bought with a price) and released from bondage. It had nothing to do with you, your intrinsic value or your deeds. It had everything to do with the God who created you, loved you, desired to have a personal relationship with you, paid the penalty (which is death) for your sin and pursued you. Without Him, you would not even have responded to His seeking after you. In other words, it is ALL about Him and NOT about us.

Week Four—Redemption:  An ongoing act of God

Although we are saved—new creatures in our spirits, redeemed by Christ—we are still in these earthly bodies living in a world cracked by sin. We will be tempted to live as people who do not have the Spirit within us. These things war against the Spirit. Just like the Israelites, we will go back to living like we are slaves if we do not daily choose to submit these desires to God.

Week Five—Provision:  Jehovah-Jireh—God sees

God literally sees our need and provides. In fact, He knows our need before we do. He is omniscient, all-knowing, and your Father knows what you need before you ask him. (Matthew 6:8b) He provides; but are we thankful? do we recognize His provision?  Where there is abundant THANKS, there is uncontainable JOY!

Week Six—Provision:  When God provides a difficulty

God’s provision sometimes comes in ways we do not recognize and we, therefore, are not grateful for it. Yet, in the midst, God will be praised. The book of Jonah is unique in its structure. Although Jonah was a prophet chosen to bring a message to a wayward people, the real story surrounds the need for the prophet to repent. The book records his struggles, and it brings glory to God and not to Jonah. (It’s not about him…it’s about GOD.)

Week Seven—Sanctification:  Three kinds of trials

The power of sin in a believer’s life is broken at salvation; however, the work of God and His sanctifying power continues throughout the life of a believer until death of the mortal body. It is a cooperative work. God will provide the opportunities for sanctification, but we must respond. Sanctification is the highwayfrom salvation to the promise that is yours, waiting for you in heaven. It is a purification process that continues for your entire life as a Christian.

Week Eight—Sanctification:  Purging deleted items

We are desperately susceptible to sin; and we are so easily ensnared, it seems. However, God knows the answer. Repentance means agreeing with God that it must be removed; and then purging means the cleansing of our hearts and minds. We’ve already been forgiven by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The penalty for sin has been deleted. But God continues the purifying work, purging sin from our lives in order to bring relief and freedom! He knows what it takes and He loves us enough to do it. Repentance followed by purification and GREAT CELEBRATION!


  • Support one another in a small group setting, building trust and encouragement
  • Shift your perspective to find God in all areas of your life
  • Understand more about the character and personality of God and how He works in and among believers
  • Learn an easy way to tell others your story with God as the main character
  • Bring God into your past, your present, and your future by discovering His interactions with you
  • Challenge yourself to find God’s interactions with you in difficult times of your life as well as easier seasons
  • Hear the life-giving truth of the Gospel through other’s stories as you share together in the process

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