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Timeline-Bible Study Book


About the Author:

Amy B Sheehan is a dynamic speaker and new author.  She is the founder of Legacy Lives Ministry.  Amy’s desire is for people to see God in everyday life, developing a closer relationship to Him, and growing to love Him more.  “The more you see God, the more you SEE GOD.”  She shares her own interactions with God in an up-close-and-personal way in order to model how other women, too, can be empowered to share their stories of knowing Jesus.


Product Description

Almighty God, the Creator of the universe and lover of our souls, relentlessly pursues us. He desires a relationship with us so much that He pursues us with dogged determination, showing us—in every turn of our journey—who He is and who He has promised to be in His Word.

This 8-session study is designed to:

• Help you recognize God in your everyday life.

• Teach you to document God’s interactions with you. Using the list Who the Bible Says God Is, capture the descriptions given in His Word and how He is showing that to you, personally.

• Help you tell these stories of His activity in an easy and natural way to other people, with God as the main character of the story.


  • Biblically focused themes of God’s redemption, provision, and sanctification
  • 8 personal homework segments with further study in God’s Word
  • Personal story examples written by former Timeline participants and the author
  • A personal Timeline Graphic for use in capturing God’s activity throughout your life
  • An extensive list, Who the Bible Says God Is, including scripture references


  • Support one another in a small group setting, building trust and encouragement
  • Shift your perspective to find God in all areas of your life
  • Understand more about the character and personality of God and how He works in and among believers
  • Learn an easy way to tell others your story with God as the main character
  • Bring God into your past, your present, and your future by discovering His interactions with you
  • Challenge yourself to find God’s interactions with you in difficult times of your life as well as easier seasons
  • Hear the life-giving truth of the Gospel through other’s stories as you share together in the process

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