I originally posted this story a couple of years ago.  It is such a good reminder to me, I thought it worth sharing again.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways,” declares the LORD.  “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”  (Isaiah 55:8-9)

We’d been married for 3 years when we decided to build our first house in Austin, TX.  We had choices to make regarding tile, carpet, paint, as well as any extras we wanted.  One thing I really wanted was to have white painted cabinets in my kitchen as well as cabinets that went to the ceiling, rather than leaving decorative space above.  I love lots of storage and white cabinets are so clean and bright.  You’d think it would be a fairly easy thing to do but it wound up being very complicated.  The tract builder had to make a special exception to have the cabinets custom built to a different height.  It took a couple of extra weeks, and lots of change forms, just to work it out but we got it done.  The next hurdle was to have them painted white.  That, too, seemed to be a simple thing in our opinion BUT, not so, according to the builder.  They made only stain grade cabinets, not paint grade.  However, because I wanted them so badly, they would paint the nicer wood cabinets as I had requested.  It was going to be expensive but I really wanted them and Hubby was willing to do it.  Again, it took several weeks but we got it worked out as well.  Now everything was going to be just like I wanted.

The cabinets came in and I got a call from the builder.  They were very apologetic but the builder had sent the wrong cabinets. They were custom built as I had requested but, instead of sending unstained cabinets to be painted, they had sent pickled oak cabinets.  The pickled oak cabinets were the hottest thing in decorating at the time but they were not what I wanted.  I was very disappointed.  I was not getting what I wanted.  (Incredibly selfish and self-centered, I must admit.)  The builder offered me a “consolation prize”. No one else would take the cabinets since they were a custom size, so would I be willing to take these pickled oak cabinets at no extra charge?  The pickled oak cabinets were on the selection list but it was an expensive upgrade and one not offered in our subdivision, only in the higher-end companion neighborhood.  Not any more expensive than the painted cabinets though.  Oh, and in addition, they had sent pickled oak cabinets for both bathrooms as well.  I thought it over and had a major pity party, then I decided to grow up.  If the cabinets had been this difficult to get, then perhaps it wasn’t supposed to be.  It certainly seemed as if I were slogging through molasses to get it done.  I told the builder I would take them and swallowed the disappointment I felt.  Time to move on….leave it behind.

In a little over a year, the house was on the market and we were moving to Atlanta, GA.  The house sold in less than two weeks.  What was the major drawing factor?  The pickled oak cabinets, of course!  All along, God had known what I needed.  He had been making sure that no matter what I wanted, He would make sure that I got something better.  Because of the upgrades, mainly the cabinets, the house sold quickly and we got a really good price for it…much better than we expected. God knew all along what I didn’t know and He was committed to giving me much more than what I wanted.  He provided a difficulty in order to give me something better.  In the process I learned a lot about Who God is to me.  Difficulties are part of life and sometimes they are provided by God in order to keep us in the center of His will.

Whenever I don’t get what want, God has something better for me.  His thoughts are not mine and His ways are higher than mine.