Hubby arrived home on Saturday from a nearly 3-week trip away.  Lots of blips in the process–delayed flights, further delayed flights, missed connections, flight delays AGAIN.  The middle of the night was filled with text updates about his progress.  It’s a long flight home no matter how you do it and this was getting longer and longer.  One of his last texts before leaving London was that he thought perhaps the flight delay would allow his luggage to make it on the plane.  He had been placed on a different flight and pulling someone’s luggage, retagging, etc., can be cumbersome but he thought it probably made it.

He arrived home and Youngest Man-child and I waited…and waited…and waited…and waited.  Hubby travels a lot so he has one of those slick Global passes and he usually is out in a flash, even from an international flight and clearing customs.  FINALLY he texted:  Bag didn’t arrive.  I was so sorry but I knew it was the least important thing, just an irritation at this point and any moment I would see the Love Of My Life.  I did and we hugged and kissed and headed home with a slip of paper and a receipt showing what to do about the lost luggage.

At home, Hubby called the number the airline provided.  The upside was that they had found his bag in London and it would arrive on a flight the next day (Sunday) about mid-afternoon.  The downside was that it would not be delivered until Monday morning.  At first they wouldn’t tell him when so we were going to have to wait around.  He sweetly explained that to the gal and she was able to tell him that the bag was tagged to be out for delivery first thing (meaning 7 a.m.) the next morning.  7 o’clock came and went.  Around mid-morning he called again, a bit frustrated because everything online said it was out for delivery.  The gal on the line checked on it and it was a dead end.  Another call was placed around 1:30.  This time it was evident that no one truly knew where his bag was.  Hubby was frustrated……Let me leave it at that.

I left to take Youngest Man-child to the ortho and when we returned I saw the two HUGE lantana bushes that I had told Hubby needed to be removed…lying topsy-turvy in the front yard.  These bushes are BIG.  We’ve been cutting them back for years so the root system and base of the bushes were large.  The bushes were probably 4 feet tall and almost as wide and just barren branches right now.  Two ENORMOUS tumbleweeds strewn in the front lawn.  “Well.”  I said.  “I guess Dad has been busy while we were gone.”  Youngest Man-child, who has one of the quickest wits around quipped, “Shoulda brought him his luggage.”  I howled my head off!  Ha!  Youngest Man-child makes me laugh all the time.  He is one funny teenager.  Btw, Hubby’s bag arrived before the bushes came out.  That’s cathartic gardening. 🙂

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