I’ve been thinking about what to post for the first post on the freshly designed website. So here it is…Living life as a grownup woman. (Sorry guys but maybe you will find some nuggets to help you understand us.)

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think of my mother. She filled my life with memorable sayings, things that ring in my head and not only remind me of her but also remind me of important truths. Some things Mom said to me I did not understand until I was older; a little more life under my belt and those sayings hit home. I have combined some of what Mom said to me and some of my own sayings in this list. It is not complete so I may add to it in the future. That is part of being a grownup woman. You can add to your own list if you want to. Perhaps it will help you as much as it helps me in my day-to-day living.

1. Pray about EVERYTHING. That’s a simple one. If I called Mom about something, she would say, “Let’s pray about that right now” and straight into her prayer she would go…over the phone. I know she prayed out loud at home when she was worried about something. She told me over and over to “drop to my knees” and pray. Not only did she believe it was the answer, she lived by it.
2. Love does conquer all. Love your family. Love your parents. Love your children. Love your husband. Love your neighbor. Love strangers. It may not always be appreciated but it does make a difference. When you don’t know what to do, love.
3. Your children need your touch. This is especially important the older they get and they naturally start pushing you away. In their ugly, mean, rebellious state, they need you to put your arms around them and tell them you love them. They need a touch on their arm and a gentle reassuring squeeze even though they may angrily shake it off. Pride makes it hard to tell someone you need their touch. They will not ask you for it so you have to give it unsoliticited.
4. Get your eyes off yourself and you’ll realize no one is looking at you. Truth: people are way too busy thinking about themselves to spend much time thinking about you.
5. Go on and wear that dress even though you didn’t shave your legs. If they are looking close enough to see the hair on your legs, they’re perverted and you need to get away!
6. A little lipstick always helps. Even if you’re just running to the corner grocery and you have no makeup on, slap on some lipstick or gloss before you go. Now your face is NOT naked and you can walk in with greater confidence. You know you don’t have makeup on and you are going with a lighter look.
7. Tell that kid to stop running…or whatever else they are doing that they shouldn’t be doing. Parents cannot be everywhere at once. If that kid is doing something they shouldn’t be, call them out. You may save them from doing something far worse. I recently heard something hit my front door. I walked out and saw 2 teenagers walking up the street shooting airsoft pellets at people’s front doors. What did I do? I marched out in the street leaving my front door wide open. Yelled down the street for them to stop and told them I knew what they were doing and if they didn’t stop, I would report them. Let it be known that this storming woman down the center of the street was barefoot and my voice was echoing off of the houses. Did they hear me? YES! They turned around, saw me, and started running. I yelled once more that they’d better run and STOP what they were doing. At that point I came to my senses and realized that I had marched halfway down my street. For a split second I was embarrassed and then I thought, Why? I may have saved those kids from doing something far worse. Who cares what anyone thinks.
8. That leads naturally to this, QUIT WORRYING ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK. Most people don’t care enough about anything. Apathy is what is making the world go around. If you care that much about what someone else is wearing, saying, putting in their yard, not doing to their yard, etc., etc., you’ve got too much time on your hands.
9. A nugget from my Girl-child: you have a choice about how you face the things you have to do today. You have to do them no matter what. You can either choose to be happy and do them or choose to be miserable and do them. They still have to get done. Your choice how you’ll do them.
10. Quit trying to please everybody. It is a nasty habit and should be broken immediately.
11. Along that line…if you have picky eaters coming for dinner (usually your child’s friends), don’t change your menu. All kinds of kids have learned they liked some things they had never had when they were at my table. They had to follow the same rule my own kids do…you have to try it. If you don’t like it, that’s ok. There’s always peanut butter and bread. But try it.
12. Leave the dishes in the sink. They will sit right there until morning and you can watch the movie or go to bed or soak in the tub. The world will not come to an end.
13. Neat freaks this is for you: not everyone in your house is like you. You can pick up their shoes for the umpteenth time and be mad about it or you can pick up their shoes and not think about it or you can step over their shoes or you can throw their shoes up the stairs. The last one is the one I like the best.
14. Take time for yourself. Believe me, no one is going to go draw you a bath, light candles, turn on spa music, and leave you alone. YOU are going to have to do it for yourself. What are you waiting for? Doesn’t matter if you do it several times a day. That beats being a beast to be around.
15. Pajamas are a complete outfit. Nothing left to say.
16. Walking in circles in your underwear by yourself in your house to get your steps in is just as good as putting on exercise clothes, going to the gym or out into the neighborhood, to get your steps in. If all you are looking for is the number to go up on your Fitbit, it is all the same.  It is not going to rat you out.
17. Figure out who your real self is. If you’ve spent most of your life finding your identity as someone’s work associate, wife, mother, daughter, etc., who are YOU? What do YOU like to do? What do YOU like to eat? What do YOU like to read, watch, listen to, etc. (NB: Go back and watch Runaway Bride for inspiration about this.) Once you’re figuring out who your real self IS, having girlfriends to be your real self WITH is liberating. Those of you who have this in your life, you know what I’m talking about. Those of you who don’t, you need to set about taking care of that immediately. Sometimes you need to be able to just be YOU and not always be trying to help, or work, or fix, or straighten out, or cajole. Sometimes those things are needed too but mainly just be YOU.
18. Tell the truth. Always. If you lack tact, you’d better go back to #1.
19. If you don’t know how to listen, LEARN. It is one of the biggest things you need in life.
20. Someone else’s opinion of you does not define you. Nuff said.
21. Changing your mind IS an option.
22. If no one understands you at the moment, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It could be that you are in a room with males and they are never going to understand you.
23. One day you’re gonna die. Happens to everyone. So make the most of this life you’ve been given. Don’t let regret be your song. Be yourself. Make your own decisions. Have your opinions. Hold on to what you believe. Tell people boldly that they need Jesus. If they are going to reject you, they are going to reject you. Don’t beat ‘em to death with your Bible but be honest and tell them straight.


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