Today we got word that a life-long mentor to Hubby passed away unexpectedly. Hubby’s father died when he was 8 years old. This man, Bobby, was much like a father to Hubby as he grew up with Bobby’s boys. Lots of boys—rough and tumble with lots of laughter and hugs and kisses from this daddy no matter how old or big they got. Bobby taught Hubby how to love, love, love. This was the last of the parents and parent-figures in our lives to leave here and take up residence in the presence of the Lord.

I talk a lot about how God’s story is told through the lives of believers. We are part of His legacy. He tells His story through our lives so that others will come to see firsthand that He is the one, true God. With the passing of each of these godly people in our lives, it’s like a page turn in the story. That part of God’s story in my life is written; the page is turned. The older I get, I am more and more aware that there are fewer pages left. With each page turn, I am closer to the conclusion of my part in His legacy story. I am but a chapter in the Grand Narrative. It’s all so much bigger than I am. It is not about me…never was, never will be.

You know how it is when you are reading a really, really good book and you can see you are nearing the end? You want to hurry up and know how it ends but you also hate for the end to come because you’ve enjoyed reading it so much. Oftentimes there is a lot packed into those last few chapters as storylines are tied up and closure is brought.

As a side note, I do not like movies or books that end poorly. My closest girlfriend won’t watch a movie unless she knows the outcome. Not going to invest her time in something that ends poorly or makes her mad. I totally get that! I don’t want the main character that I’ve come to love to turn out to be the murderer. I don’t like for the good person to wind up being rotten. I like it neat and happy even if it’s bittersweet. No character shifts.   I don’t want to end up crying my head off over some sad, sad story. Bittersweet is fine but crying until my head hurts…that is not entertainment for me.

With that said, I cannot tell how many pages are left. I only know that today, another page turned. That part of the story in Hubby’s and my life was finished. Christmas Eve calls with lots of “I love you’s” will no longer happen. Road trips to hometowns are unnecessary. There is no family there any more. Those pages are written and turned as the story progresses.

Here is the question for me and for you: I do not know what God is going to write in those pages that are left. It is HIS story told through my life. My part is making the choices each day as to how I am going to react to what He is writing. Will I acknowledge Him in the hard things as well as the good? Will I look for Him in the dark places, expecting Him to be there as much as He is in the bright, happy spots? Will I name these events by what is happening to me…or who GOD is being to me in these events? It is my choice. HIS story but my free will how it is written down when the pages turn.

Oh Lord Jesus, may I have the faith to look for you expectantly in every single event in my life. May I have the eyes to see You. May I have the discipline to name these things by who YOU are and not who I am. May I be quick to give You praise and slow to gather praise for myself. May I be loving to the other characters You place in the story with me. May I be grace-filled to all, remembering the grace You have written on every page of the book. As each page is turned, may I say thank You and have no regret, knowing that the desire of my heart is Your will. May I make the most of my part in Your story, recognizing the privilege it is to be Your child. May I welcome the pages to come, knowing that You are in control of this Legacy Story. May I hear You speak in the quiet times, when I think about what is written on a page, and turn my eyes to You when I don’t understand—trusting that You are the Author and the Finisher and You…are…good.

In the whisper-hush of the last page turning and the book ending, I imagine that I will hear transparent strains of the angel choir in a mighty crescendo unlike any I have ever experienced in my lifetime…Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing!


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